Tuesday, March 18, 2014

CameraBag free on iPhone today

CameraBag is a great photo editing I use on the Mac all time, I rarely take pics on the iPhone but today that might change!

"We think everyone should have CameraBag on their phone, and we REALLY want to get that word out! So we've made CameraBag 2 for iPhone FREE today only. If you enjoy it on your phone, tell your friends--after today it's going back to a paid app. If you haven't tried CameraBag 2 for iPhone yet, now's your one chance to get without paying anything." https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/camerabag-2/id582697694?mt=8


  1. Argh, why wasn't I online on Tuesday :D

  2. Sorry for the off topic post, but the advert caught my eye and I had a look, is the Airwheel Electric Scooter a real thing???!!

    1. haha saw it recently too, checked out the website and youtube videos, still not sure if it some big joke!