Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lantern for a Gale - Dublin [06.05.12]

So the DSLR is still pretty much gathering dust. It'd be too weird to go to a gig and not take any photos, so I thought I may as well try out the Fuji for photos and not just video, rather than give my shoulder grief with the D700!

The venue was a the dark side, so had to use the flash but I was really happy with what it produced, and may opt to use it even when I'm back to normal and can lug the DSLR!

Lantern for a Gale

Lantern for a Gale

Lantern for a Gale

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  1. The pics look good. By the way, I love the ones with Ross and Hitch. I just read the comic and I loved it.


    1. Wow, a year old comment, obv. missed this! I find blogspot really bad at notifying of comments, anyway, late, but thanks :)