Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Fuji in London...

So I was in a car crash a couple of months ago and had to stop lugging around the DSLR. I decided on the Fuji X100, I was waiting for an excuse to buy a "street" camera as both the D300 and D700 stand out a bit too much even without the battery pack and just using the 50mm!

Its nice and small and light, without the hood will even fit in my trousers pocket! Reviews were great and the random stuff I shot off to and from work were good, but a work trip to London this week was the first real test for it.

The Newspaper



Half Price

Heres a rather nice all black version on Amazon


  1. Seems like the perfect street camera, I've my eye on the X100s

    1. Its great so discrete, and silent shutter.