Friday, December 19, 2014

My favs of 2014

2014 wasn't the busiest when it came to photography, even with the great summer it just wasn't happening for whatever reason. But heres my favourites from the year. Thanks for the views once again!

Kicking off the year (these two hate each other!)
Last shot of 2013 was a cat, first shot of 2014 is the other cat and the dog.

Dusted the studio gear off!
It had been an age since I got to use the gear so it was nice to use it and was relief the bulbs hadn't blown (they're expensive!) and great to shoot with Leia again.


Surprisingly I think I just did the one night shot (well one I was happy with!)
I went out looking for the Northern Lights but only found light pollution and a shooting star

And just the one gig
Race Riot 59 in Thomas House. Raw hardcore. €5. Perfect!Race Riot 59

A month in Dublin with just the iPhone
I had the camera but some reason I was on an Instagram thing for the month!
Misty Summer

Irish Summers




A couple days camping and photographing on the Kerry coast, nothing great captured but a nice relaxing few days in the sun and under the stars.

Cromwell Point Lighthouse

Kerry Farmhouse

A man, his dog, some people, an ATV and a crucifixion!

Skellig Islands, Co.Kerry, Ireland


  1. Good year :) Love the fur coat portrait and the Halloween ones especially.