Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Magazine Calls Photographer ‘A**hole’ and Threatens Lawsuit After Using Her Photo Without Permission

Yet another case of someone stealing a photograph and how not to react in the days of social media! Earlier they (Survival Magazine) turned off comments on their page because of the amount of people complaining/calling them out. This evening with people commenting on individual photos, they have turned their page off, they had over 100K Likes....

The story begins with unauthorized use of a photo, a polite (but ignored) copyright complaint, a takedown notice, and a reply email in which the offender called the photographer an a**hole and said they would be suing. 

Kathy Shea Mormino is the owner of the popular backyard chicken site The Chicken Chick and the photographer behind a photo that she recently found on Survival Magazine’s Facebook page and blog. Oh, and she’s also an attorney.

Head on over to PetaPixel for the full article.

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