Friday, December 13, 2013

World Press Photo Winners Exhibition

With about a week of its run left, I finally made it into see the World Press Photo Winners Exhibition. Firstly, the setting is fantastic, the basement of CHQ are old storage vaults, I guess you'd call them? 

Fantastic large prints with a bit of text on the scenario and a description of each photo. WPP have also created an app for the exhibition - details here - where you put in the photo ID and you can listen to the descriptions of the photos and garner extra information. I found this great and you could just take the photos in while listening to the story behind them.

Running until December 22nd, at €5 it is more than worth the visit.


  1. Nice one. Will be up for xmas shopping during the week, will have to sneak off for a bit!

  2. Was up last week, everyone should go see it, photographer or not.