Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fuji Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic

I first came across this nice little camera from Fuji a few months back when it got its release in Japan. Over the last week or two there has been lots of talk on websites and blogs about its official worldwide release, which is still looking like will be early next year. MSRP in the US will be $199, no news yet on other regions. A pack of 20 exposures (ISO 800) is set to cost $20.

The camera itself is a nice looking thing, its look fitting in with their recent X range, to use a word I hate "retro". But this is a film camera, as its name suggests, instant film, somewhere around the size of business card.

It has some nice features, a flash, a tripod mount, double exposure option, macro (30-60cm), shutter speed including bulb, and a party mode where background and ambient light doesn't get totally destroyed by the flash.

I love Fuji, have a very old Fuji SLR and the X100, they make great products. The price of the Mini I would like to see maybe 20/25% lower, but obviously not having seen one let alone use one it might well be worth the asking price. 

I'd like to have a mini instant camera in the collection, good job this comes out after Christmas!