Saturday, October 19, 2013

CameraBag 2.5 (RC) is out

Last month I mentioned the upcoming update from CameraBag. Well last night they released version 2.5 Release Candidate, a beta copy, before it is officially released and any last bugs are caught. If you already own CameraBag 2, this is a free update, if not you can get a free 14 day trial.

As soon as you install it you can see a few changes to the layout (like splitting the presets into Styles & Camaras) but what interested me most was the addition of being able to watermark images. Recently I haven't had much need for Lightroom except for adding a watermark and was solely using CameraBag, so was delighted to hear this was coming and even more so on how they have done it.

Its simple to create a watermark (even easier than in Lightroom!) and it is just added like any of the presets you'd normally use. The watermark is also added when you are editing the image not when you are exporting, so you can see if you need to change position/colour/size depending on the image itself.

Top New Features 

 Nested Tiles: Nest one or more tiles in your tray into a single tile that can be dragged or adjusted as a single adjustment. 

• Watermarks: Add branding to your photos with a watermark or other image that you can easily overlay anywhere on your photos. 

• Sharpen: Photos a bit blurry? No problem, sharpen them up with the new Sharpen tile. 

• Blur: Photos looking too sharp and modern? You can take care of that, too, with two new blurring tiles. Use the Circular Blur tile to simulate lens effects. 

• Custom Image Borders: Use your own image-based borders and CameraBag will automatically fill the transparent area with your image. Great for both faux-film looks and for specific website or gallery needs. 

• Updated Styles: A massive update to the library of styles included by default in CameraBag.

Another great update to a very affordable (even cheaper at the pre-release price of $15) piece of software.

From CameraBag
The CameraBag 2.5 Release Candidate is ready, and we’d like to invite our Facebook followers to try it first! Download from the links below (see bottom of post) and let us know if there are any problems with it on your system. Read more about the new features and see them in action on our website here:

Note: This will replace your current version of CameraBag. If you want, you can make a backup of the old version before installing by renaming the file (Mac) or the CameraBag 2 folder in Program Files (Windows).


This download includes fresh 14-day trial period, so feel free to share with friends who don’t yet own CameraBag!


  1. Nice one, thanks for the heads up. was looking forward to this update.
    Likes of Lightroom are overkill for me - its functions and my lack of photography/editing skills :D

  2. Does it take much technical know how?

    1. Very easy, very intuitive and they have great info on their site -