Sunday, October 13, 2013

Humans of New York

Humans of New York a project by Brandon Stanton, like the title suggests is a photographic collection of the Humans if New York. I came across it on a blog/Facebook a couple of years ago, his Facebook page has now grown - well deservedly - to over 1 million likes.

Check out the Facebook page - - its an astonishing piece (1,000s of pieces!) of work. Its kind of street photography, but the people know the photograph is being taken and provide some information about themselves. I've done plenty of street photography, its probably the hardest style of photography I've done, its not easy, but going that one step further and asking strangers on the street can you take their photograph has to be admired. 

Brandon also made a trip to Iran and did the same thing there, check out some of those great photos and stories here:

Well time to get to the point on this post! The project is finally being released as a book (304 page hardback) in October with four hundred color photos, including exclusive portraits and all-new stories. Its available for pre-order now on the Book Depository, I can see this one selling out on its first print run. UPDATE: Now available!

Buy now on Book Depository

"I want to be an architect." "In thirty years, if there is a newspaper article about you, what will it say?" "It will say that I underachieved." "Underachieved? Why's that?" "Because I can do all the work, make the right grades, and get all the right degrees. But once I'm off on my own, I won't be the guy pushing for new clients. I do really good work, but only when I'm working within a structure." "Everyone is like that. You just have to practice discipline and routine so that you can create your own structure."

"I've got an art degree, but I'm thinking about going back to school for physics." "What draws you to physics?" "Well, physics is like art to me, in that I think it's sublime. But in physics, there aren't trends to grab onto. It is what it is."

“What was the happiest moment of your life?” “When I proposed to my wife.” “How’d you do it?” “Well, the first time we ever met, we played Clue with another couple. So when I was ready to propose, I set up a game with the same couple who introduced us. Then I put the proposal in the envelope where the final answer normally is. The funniest part is, when she opened it, she said: ‘Wait. Does this mean I didn’t win the game?’

"We met at a college convention in 1941."

"I tend to click well with quiet people because they let me talk a lot."


  1. Nice, read about this somewhere a while ago.

  2. Amazing project he undertook, was hoping it'd be printed

  3. This keeps popping up in many places. Amazing