Thursday, September 12, 2013

CameraBag 2 Update

Last year I did a little review of the photo editing software CameraBag. Its a great bit of software, not a full replacement for Lightroom/Aperture, but with some of these latest updates it comes one step closer to achieving that.

The upcoming upgrade has 5 new features, I wont go into them all now, but the stand-out upgrade gives the ability to add a watermark. I would say I use CameraBag for 25% of photos without first doing some tweaking in Lightroom, but after working on them in CameraBag I need to import them into Lightroom solely to add a watermark. Its great to see I will be able to avoid this step with the next upgrade.

Well done lads, for a very well priced product this is coming closer and closer to edging the bigger ones out

Check out all the upgrades here: