Monday, February 20, 2012

Retrospective® 30 Review

This is one of the bigger bags from the Retrospective® range. It wouldn't be the bag for a walk-about, but it is the perfect bag for most location shoots, weddings etc. with the amount of gear that you can fit in it. In fact this fits so much of my gear, it will replace two other bags I usually have to use for when I am out on location.

The first thing that stands out is how unlike a camera bag this looks, so if you do have it out and about its not going to be screaming out camera inside rob me!

Front Exterior
Back Exterior
It comes with two straps, hand strap (which can be removed if required) and shoulder strap. The shoulder strap is very nicely padded and one of the most comfortable I've come across. The shoulder strap pad also firmly stays in place. Another manufacturers bag I use I constantly have to fix the padding to my shoulder, driving me nuts.

The back of the bag contains a large single compartment, for notepad etc. My iPad in its case just about fits with zip closed. I like the pinestrone color too, a bit of a Magnum vibe about it! It is also available in black.

Once you open the flap you have plenty of choice for what goes where. It is as divided as follows:
  • DSLR in middle
  • Large lens either side
    • all 3 of these compartments can be adjusted or removed as needed
  • Either end of the bag has a flash pouch - this will give up real estate to a smaller lens
  • Large back compartment
  • Bits & pieces compartment
Inner Compartment

Inner Compartment with flaps open on front pockets
The front pockets are big, one side containing the weather flap, and still with room to fit at least another body. The empty pocket can easily take an 85, 50, lensbaby, and yet again still have plenty of room left for more bits.

Lens & Flash pouch
The inside back has a large pouch for notebook, iPad, or possibly a small laptop. In between the front pockets and main compartment is an other large area (again subdivided) for bits & pieces like extra memory cards, cleaning kit, cables, batteries, pens.

Inner bits & pieces compartment
On top of all the other compartments I nearly missed 2 more! On the outside of the bag either end again has a deep pocket, for the likes of phone and other similar smaller items.

I know I already said that its not a walk-about bag, but thats if you have it full of gear and gets weighty. As you can see from the photographs below from the exterior it doesn't look big, so if you pack lightly then it would be perfect for you.

Other nice little features include:
  • business card compartment
  • choice to have the front flap use the velcro contacts or not - i.e. making it silent
  • key lanyard
  • Doesn't look like camera bag
  • Plenty of pockets & compartments
  • Nicely divided up
  • Shoulder & hand straps
  • Rain cover
  • Fits a load of gear
  • Strap padding stays in place!
  • None worth moaning about

This would be perfect for the likes of wedding photographers, all your gear together and not cramped

If you are looking for a walkabout bag, this is probably not it, it just takes too much gear. There are a number of Retrospective®'s of varying sizes in the range, so if this sounds too big for you, I'd definitely recommend checking out the smaller versions such as the Retrospective® 10.

To end this, I was really surprised by how much gear this fits, and I'll repeat myself again, this has loads of room!

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    1. Bag sounds great, and perfect for all my gear, next item on my shopping list!

      1. wow, another missed comment, sorry! Its a great bag, fits loads of gear, if you are looking for something bigger, check out my latest review of the LowePro Roller

    2. Thats really nice, must try see one in person, almost what I need

      1. Its perfect for a location shoot with all the gear it fits.