Sunday, December 11, 2011

North Star Hotel - Thieves!

North Star Hotel AKA Thieving Scum

June - I found my photograph of the Dublin Convention Centre being used on without my permission. Numerous emails, letters and phone calls from me to NSH went ignored. 

December 2nd - Final letter was sent threatening legal action if invoice for use of my photograph was not paid.
December 6th - Photo has been removed, no contact from NSH.
December 16th - Still ZERO contact from anyone at North Star Hotel.

Unfortunately I did't have the time, money or energy to proceed with the legal route, but if I didn't have a full time job, and I was earning a living solely from photography I wouldn't have let this go so long or so easily. Them ignoring my contact probably annoyed me more than them actually stealing the photo.

Earlier in the year another Dublin hotel had stolen the same photo. Within a day of me contacting them, my photo was removed and I received an apology. Because they were quick and replied to me I let it go.

(All images (bar mine!) in screen shot copyright North Star Hotel and respective companies.)

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