Monday, March 21, 2011

NYC 1996

Went here with friend from college, his sister collected Quinnsworth tokens for us that gave us 2 tickets for price of one. This was pre proper internet days, so we arrived with guide book in hand. Picked up a Fuji disposable camera and off we went!

Got the subway to our hostel, only to find where our hostel is supposed to be is a torn down building!!

View from McBurney YMCA, 125 West 14th Street, NYC. 1996

After our hostel not existing, we kind of lucked out, a "local" directs us 10 blocks north to the McBurney YMCA. The YMCA hostel was cheap and clean BUT we get served to what looks like bomb proof glass, its residents were made up of junkies, ex-cons, prostitutes and an occasional tourist on the cheap. The cops were in every day arresting people or removing bodies. When one of us would go to the toilet the other would wait at the room door looking out the spy hole. We'd have to jam a chair against the door at night as well as locking it.

This was the route to our breakfast spot

Our first tourist outing was to the World Trade Centre. Photos of everything else have long been lost!

World Trade Centre, NYC. 1996

World Trade Centre, NYC. 1996

World Trade Centre, NYC. 1996

World Trade Centre, NYC. 1996

Another day we wandered around, walked into wrong neighbourhood, got called whiteboy and had a gun flashed at us, we departed the area swiftly!

It was still an awesome holiday and I've been back to NY a load of times since. At this time NYC was still being "cleaned up", its a very different place now, not sure which I prefer!

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